19 April 2015


And by this, I don't actually mean a career in blogging. Not everyone blogs because they want to be a blogger. Yeah, it would be nice and if that did eventually happen then that'd be great - but for me it's not the focus. I also like sitting here waffling on about stuff, even if people aren't that interested in what me & my cats have been up to. 

Having said that, one of my main reasons for starting a blog was to help out careersy wise.. More in a general sense. I do think that in whatever shape or form, blogging is really useful for help when getting on the career ladder. I think it shows initiative & enthusiasm for a start! The points below aren't so much tips, more just the things I've found that helped me out along the way. 


Biggie. You never know who you might meet with blogging, and they do say it's not what you know, it's who you know. Bleeeh.. Maybe it's partly true. Even if you're not keen on being the next blogging mega star, getting out there with the relevant folk is a great way to get yourself/out there. Events and blogging meet ups are always going for doing the networking thaaang. 

Create your online portfolio.

I've found that it's been really useful having my blog there as a bit of a portfolio of work. It's a way you can show off plenty of your skills and have it on hand for employers. You can also use it for emphasising your experience - gone on about being amazing at HTML on your CV? Use your blog as the proof.

Get your social accounts in check.

Uhhh huh. Ain't no time for employers catching those god awful drunken photos on Faceyb. While you can keep those bits private (Praise. The. Lord.), you might as well show off the social accounts that you're proud of. For me working in social media this is probably most relevant, but I always think it's good to showcase your blog's social accounts for your more 'professional' side.. Even if that does include tweeting about Big Brother & annoying Daily Mail stories (that would be me).

Big it up on that CV.

I think a lot of us have that 'do I put it on my CV..?!' moment. I always thought it sounded a little bit dweeby and that employers wouldn't be interested. Today my CV is jam packed with blog related stuff. If you've put all that work in and it's brought some good results then why not talk about it?! I always state my biggest blogging achievements and the experience that I've gained from it. In my experience most of the interviewers have been really keen to talk about it.. Even if they really aren't that sure what blogging actually is.

Keep building on your confidence.

I was a major wimp before I started blogging, and while I doubt I'll ever love myself like Kanye loves Kanye (who does?), I am now a whole lot more confident. It's always nice to work on finding something that you're good at - whether it's taking amazing pictures or being faultless when it comes to spelling (definitely not me). There are also lots of lovely people out there in the blogging world that are really supportive and can pick you up when you're having a confidence dip. 

Annnd that's what has helped me so far. I guess it does depend on what you're going into, but I think everyone gains a bit of something from it! 



  1. Great post! I think my blog is what demonstrated my interest in fashion on my personal statement/university interview and the woman who interviewed me was very keen to know more about my blog and why I enjoy doing it, I think it is definitely part of the reason I got an unconditional offer for my course! x

  2. Wise words! I so agree that blogging develops your personality and teaches you confidence along with so many other professional traits. For me, it became my baby and while it's more than a full-time job (more like 24/7 kind of job) and there are days when I feel low, the overall satisfaction I get from blogging is so worth every effort.


  3. This was such a good post. I have always wondered whether or not I should put blogging on my CV, I'm not sure whether I need to be doing it for a certain period of time x


  4. Hey! I am quite newish to the blogging world as I have been trying to keep mine up to date with juggling uni and now my placement at boohoo. And this post was really useful! Your blog is so good! I love your posts. I would appreciate any other tips you might have or if I could contact you direct? Thanks :) Aimée x

  5. Great advice and I completely agree. Blogging has got me some amazing career opportunities and I also use mine as a kind of portfolio too! xx

  6. Love, love, love these style of posts that you've been doing. And I'm more than happy to hear about what you and your cats have been up to :) xx

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  7. Really loved this post - great for people who don't necessarily want a career in blogging but want to show it off in some way! Will definitely be using these tips x

  8. I'd love to gain a job out of blogging (that would be the dream!) if it ever did get that far...but for now i am happy just doing it for fun!


  9. some really great tips, adding it to my cv definitely gave me some alternative talking points in job interviews!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  10. I recently had a job interview and they were majorly impressed that I'd started a blog! It's definitely inspired me to keep on writing, everything you said just then is so true!! X

  11. This post may help me one day when I decide I want to make a career out of blogging! As of now, blogging is just my hobby. I can't see it as a career just yet. Haha! But I will do take note of these points!


  12. I loooove this! I hope to one day get involved in travel & tourism and that was my number one reason for starting my blog. I see it as a nice way of keeping track of my travels and memories but as long as I keep content professional then why not use it as an extension of my CV.

    You've told me everything I needed to hear :)

  13. Fab post Lydia. I got my new job because of my blog; it def helps putting it on your CV. When I started my blog I never knew I would be working in the digital world but I love where it has got me. x

  14. Great post (insert hands up emoji!)

    Lis x


  15. Awesome post, always something we can relate to! So true about the CV too, whenever I mention blogging people seem to be so intrigued by it! x


  16. Very interesting to read! Thanks for sharing!
    I put it on my CV too, and I've scored quite a lot of points so far when recruiters brought it up! Blogging, good for everything ;)

    XO Imke // www.pastellics.com

  17. This is great advice, thanks for sharing!

    xo, Liz

  18. I definitely agree with this, whenever I have mentioned my blogging or dropped it into conversation, whether its netwroking or for a job interview, everyone always seems really enthusiastic about it and want to know more about it, which is great!

    I think a lot of people are embarrassed about blogging, which shouldn't be the case. If you work hard on it, then by all means show it off!

    Tash x


  19. really good points!


  20. Love your posts :) xx http://thefashionnap.blogspot.co.uk

  21. Love these kind of posts from you x

  22. From my little blog I managed to score a gig blogging for a fashion & lifestyle company, writing press releases and designing web pages!

    Having a blog makes sure a difference, no matter if you have 50 followers or 5000!

    Pale Aesthetic - Blog Here :)

  23. My blog is tiny but it's helped me so much in my career already (at 21 as well) because it says to an employer straightaway that I have a passion for something and enthusiasm and all that good stuff. Love this post :)
    georgie on the wall

  24. I find these tips quite helpful :) will surely keep them in mind

  25. Such a fab post, well said. I think it's unrealistic for most of us to expect to blog full-time nowadays as there is so much competition but it's nice to know the steps that will help us to build our blogs. Thanks for sharing! Jade x

    My Blog: Jade With Envy
    My YouTube: Youtube: Jade Mercedes Fraser (xglitter3ugx)


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