20 February 2016


I find blogging can be really therapeutic. There's just something comforting about knowing you've got this little place where you can go and write whatever crap you want. When I'm just having one of those 'what is my life' sort of days, I love to come on here and type away. I guess it's a good escape, but I've also found a few 'mood booster' posts I can opt for when I'm needing to get back track with being a happy bun. 

Get personal. 
Everyone knows that a good rant sometimes does you the world of good. I don't share too much personal-personal stuff online, but I do like to have a good whinge about blogging when I feel the need. I always feel so much better for it, getting things off my chest and hearing back with what other people think. Chances are, there'll be someone out there feeling the same way. I've had some lovely comments in the past that have really perked me up when I've been being a misery guts.  

Talk about the stuff that makes you happy. 
From monthly favourites to cuddles with your cat (that'd be me). It just makes sense that talking about happy stuff gives you the feel good factor. It's a bit of positivity, and when I'm down in the dumps, that's what I need. Something that's going to force me to think about the bits I should be happy about. I think Kate La Vie's Five Good Things posts are a faaab example - I love reading them, and it kind of spurs me on to think of little things that are nice right now. 

Share some blog love. 
Passing on positive vibes is one hell of a good feeling. Being nice is contagious. I also think it's really inspiring, to look through some amazing blogs that get you all motivated and stuff. Less of the 'oh crap she's amazing I'm rubbish' and more of the 'wow, she's amazing, I could do something like that one day', y'know?!

Compile some daily snippets from a good day out. 
You know the coffee pictures, and the really nice lunch you went for and that daft picture of the cutest pug ever. I'm forever taking pictures when I'm out, and even though the majority of them never make it onto the Internet, they're all nice little memories I can't quite bear to part with (you never know when you might need that second angle shot of your Starbucks panini). It may only be sticking a few snaps together that'll be a reminder of something lovely, but it can be a real pick me up. 

Write relevant lists. 
You know those daft lists you see on Buzzfeed? 10 times Harry Potter made me question my life choices, that sort of thing? I'm obsessed with them, constantly reading through and thinking 'lol yup, applies to me'. Just like they're pretty fun to read, they're also pretty fun to write. I did a few back on blogging last year and I loved sitting down to think about all the relevant stuff that I thought we could all relate to. At the minute memo on my phone full of unfinished ones - I just add to them as I go, eventuallyyyy, they may make it online!

As much as I love talking clothes and makeup and selfie sticks, it's also nice to use blogging as a bit of self-help. I'd definitely recommend doing a blog that's private too - if you're not keen on getting personal & putting it out there, then I've loved having a private blog as somewhere I can just write away, typos & all. 



  1. Aha I love this, I always find blogging makes me so much happier but when I'm down I don't have the energy to go out and take the photos I normally would for my blog. Great idea <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Great post Lydia! I definitely find doing something productive like blogging helps on my down days. Even if its just to distract my mind!


  3. Great ideas - I love the post idea for sharing snippets from a day out! x

  4. Great tips, and I really like the point about doing a private one too!
    Maddy, xo

  5. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm feeling a little uninspired today so this was just what I needed x

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  6. Love this - nice to read to get back on track!
    Soph xx

  7. Great inspiration!!


  8. What a brilliant post! I'm forever adding post ideas to a never ending list on my phone, so whenever I'm struggling for ideas I have lots of ideas to scroll through. Definitely adding some of these - I'm addicted to Buzzfeed lists too!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  9. I love this Lydia! You've inspired me! xx

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