19 March 2016


I'd be the first to admit that as a blogger, I can be a bit of a cliché. Gimme some marble accessories and let me live my life online. Okay, slight exaggeration, but I do think I'm now accustomed to a blogging way of life. Happily so... Blogging is my favourite hobby and while I still have grumpy days, I love that it's still as important to me after three years. So, get prepared... Here are the First World Problems that come with recognising you're a blogger.

1. You've worked out the level of difficulty that comes with taking a candid picture. 
2. Posts about blogger tips are basically your bible.
3. You realised that most purchases can be justified with 'I can blog about it'.
4. You could do a degree in Facetune. In fact you could probably run lectures on it. 
5. You start to see freebies as work. As nice and wonderful as they are, that's four hours taking pictures and editing an outfit post to get a nice picture in those flared jeans. 
6. You can't help but get a bit fan-gurrrl-y when your favourite blogger likes your picture on Instagram.  
7. You've realised you actually wear the same sort of outfit and the same sort of makeup every day of your life. 
8. Your online network is bigger than your real life network. Tweeting > talking. 
9. Your friends have given up on being able to take you anywhere without you seeing it as a good photo op. Tagging along to B&Q you say? I can work my blogger pose in that fitted kitchen. 
10. You have nightmares about seeing 'your startup disk is full'. 
11. Every time you think you've aced a blog post it turns out to be the one that no bugger reads. 
12. Your handbag fits two cameras, a phone, a back up charger and a variety of accessories. 
13. You spend a large portion of your time looking at other bloggers and deciding you're giving up, moving to some wilderness and wearing beige for the rest of your life. 
14. Other bloggers influence you big time. Seen my blogging fave mention a primer on Twitter? Yeah, I'll buy that. 
15. A life concern is what people think of the 'real' you. This face ain't looking like it does with the Valencia filter. 
16. You've thought about how adopting a baby animal would give your Instagram feed a real boost. 
17. You've cried about wifi. Or computer problems. Or when your memory card deletes everything and ruins your life. 
18. You're constantly writing blog plans that go out the window the minute life gets in the way. Good intentions. 
19. You don't delete anything. 'Cause you never know when you might need that 20th blurry pic of your new heels. 
20. You generally give less of a sh*t. For me, that's the most comforting thing I've found with blogging. The more I stand taking outfit pictures in the street and the more I upload daft videos to YouTube, the less I'm bothered about what people think. Hurrahhhh.



  1. Haha I absolutely love this! Ticking yes, yes, yes and yes to every one! xxxx

    Ellen | xellegirl.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Nice post! some of these things are so relatable haha
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com

  3. This was a really fun post to read. Though I can only relate to a handful of them, I think it's cute that each blogger has their own quirks! That's what makes the blogging community interesting :)

    a small bit | bloglovin | twitter | latest post

  4. 11 and 20!!!! So true. :) great post xx

  5. You've absolutely nailed it haha! Loved this post.


  6. I do most of these, my partner always laughs when i try to justify being something by saying i can blog about it!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | GIVEAWAY | Win Makeup Geek, Morphe & More

  7. The not giving a eff is so me and who cares really if they are staring at me taking to take a decent outfit editorial?


  8. Absolutely loved this post. I've never related to anything so much, especially not deleting everything and justifying basically everything I buy!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  9. This was a great post and highly relateable haha! Did I tag my friend along to B&Q last week so I can get some wallpaper samples? Course not!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  10. Love reading this post!! I feel so related!! kisses:D


  11. This is literally so accurate, I'm creasing 😂😂😂

    Laura Ayres | laurajayres.com

  12. I can definitely agree with quite a few of these :D Great list :) x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  13. Haaa that's my excuse for everything, "I can blog about it" - any expensive dinners, that lipstick I shouldn't have bought...

    Hidden Freckles Travel and Lifestyle blog x

  14. Love this post! I'm always on the lookout for 'props' for blog photos!! Xx

  15. cute post! all of the stuff are so true lol #bloggerlife

  16. I found myself nodding along to this post - so true!

    xo Aya


  17. Number 19 is so me! I have a ton of pictures out of focus that I keep convincing myself I'm going to use them someday. Lovely post!! :D


  18. Hahaha. Oh my goodness. The accuracy! #9 has definitely started to annoy my boyfriend but oh well. Loved it!


  19. This is a great post! ive only been blogging about 6 months and already most of these apply to me haha!


    Robyn xx

  20. These are all so true! Esp number 3 - this is my excuse for anything now and it normally leaves me broke and unhappy ... but then happy because I have lots of things to blog about haha!

    John ¦ Shout John

  21. Yes Lydia, love hate with dark, vintage cafes, great coffee, bad lighting dilemmas haha xxx

  22. Hahahah this is all so accurate and funny !



  23. I love this! Or when your friends and family think they're David Bailey but in reality it's David BLunkett! Xx


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