15 December 2016


Party season is the moooost wonderful time of the year, so when Topshop invited me in to check out their personal shopping service I was more than excited. As much as I love getting dolled up, I find the whole process of outfit hunting stressful – I’m pretty particular, so it usually takes me forever! Not only that, but I got to try the personal shopper experience in Topshop at Meadowhall… I love anything that’s blogging related and local! It’s nice to know that the rest of the country hasn’t been forgotten about, and we can all have an extra special shopping treat.
I’ve been to a couple of personal shopping events before, and the team at Topshop didn’t disappoint! I was greeted with some dream boat outfits that the lovely Kirby, my personal stylist, had picked out for me. She found me so many pieces that were just my sort of thing! That’s all part of the service - you just give them a call, let them know what you’re after, tell them your size and they’ll do all the faffy bit of picking things out. Budget can also be accounted for (hey, this girl’s regularly on a shoestring!), plus it’s a complimentary service. Wahay.
Outfit One - The Statement Trousers
For someone who wears minimal colour, I fell for these trousers big tiiiime! They're pastel pink heaven, so they had to come home with me. They also fit perfect – with my hips being ignificantly bigger than the rest of me I tend to struggle with trousers and always ending up with the sagging waistband. These are synch in at all the right places. After plenty of deliberation this was the outfit I went for, adding the frilly black top too. It just felt very me, without being the same old thing I always choose on nights out.
Mesh Top / Bralet / Trousers / Heels
Outfit Two - The LBD
Oh my gaaahd this dress was lovely. It had that luxe feel and fit like a dream, just what you want from a little black dress! For something a little more fun I ventured from my all black comfort blanket and went for the bright pink heels. The cutest!
Little Black Dress / Heels
Outfit Three - The Leather Skirt
As someone who usually prefers more casual going out outfits, Kirby managed to find some really cute looks for suiting that kind of vibe. I could have found an outfit for any occasion, with this being something I'd wear for a more relaxed night out. The top is beautifully detailed and a little fancier, but I love it dressed down with the boots and skirt.
Grey Detailed Top / Skirt / Boots
To finish off my party outfit I also got a couple of beauty products, adding some pretty gel polishes to my look. That nude pink was just right for pairing with the trousers. I love when everything matches up, for me that's a big deal when getting party ready!

Annnnd that’s me all sorted with winter party outfits! On Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of December Topshop will be hosting a Get Party Ready weekend to help out with your fancy outfit needs! If you spend over £40 in-store during the weekend, you’ll be eligible to receive a free express gel manicure, mini party makeover! The personal shopping team will also be around to share their advice… They’re a really lovely bunch and could not have been more helpful with making my shopping trip feel especially glamorous!

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13 December 2016


Who isn’t a lover of a sparkly frock?! Okay, plenty of people, but even though I spend my life in all black, I’m still a fan of something glitzy. Christmas is a whole other ball game, and finding the perfect dress not only involves sourcing something occasion appropriate that suits you, but also something that feels a little festive. It’s not like red with a white fur trim is a must, but I do like something that makes me feel Christmassy… I can wear a bog standard LBD at any point in the year!

For last minute options I’ve got three super sparkly numbers that can help you up the glam levels at the Christmas do.
Okay, this is my most naaakud. It’s Christmas though, and if you can’t flash a bit of side boob at Christmas when can you?! Yup, you’re going to freeze your nips off, but you’re going to look like the twinkly star of Bethlehem on your night out. For dressing it down a little I think it’s perfect worn with a leather jacket and ankle boots. 
If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know this was the one I wore out on my work Christmas do. It wasn’t really what I was looking for (does that even exist though?!) but it ended up being just right. I wanted long sleeves, something a bit glam/festive and a good fit for my figure without being too ‘hey look at my boobs and bum’… Finding the balance between sexy and fashionable is foreverrr my issue when it comes to choosing a dress! With this one, I’d say you need to try it on. On the hanger it doesn’t look half as lovely! 
I’m already trying to plan another festive night out just to wear this. It’s all mermaid-y and faaabulous! It’s those sequins that do it, and in any colour I think sequins are festive. I realised I was wearing it back to front after I took these pictures, but I think you can get away with it either way... 

Fans of festivities, go forth with next day delivery and bag yourself a last minute glitter ball outfit. I’ll never grow tired of getting my glam on at Christmas!


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12 December 2016


After months of getting my new place back from looking like a building site, we’re now into that lovely, ‘finishing touches’ stage. I’ve been adding some homely bits to make things more my own, with one of the recent additions being a new VQ Retro Mini Radio from the Lulu Guinness collection… 

I think noise is all part of making a house a home… Which is why it’s important to me to have something to listen to music on. When you move, you’re often taking some place where you’ve only heard drilling and hammering to one that’s filled with background noise and the sound of homely goings on. Having my favourite music playing throughout the house has made things feel so much more ‘me’, and like I’m actually at home! It’s putting your stamp on things beyond sticking a few pictures up.

The Lulu Guinness collaboration with VQ is soon launching on QVC and it’s just my sort of thing. Since I’ve moved out, I’ve been well and truly making the most of playing whatever music I like without complaints from the parents… Even if that does involve Little Mix Shout Out to My Ex on repeat. Girl power. The Retro Mini Radio has arrived at just the right time, and fits in really well with what I need lifestyle wise – it has DAB and FM radio reception and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, for when I want to hook up to one of the cringe playlists on my laptop. It’s just the right size for me to move around the house (so far it’s been in my kitchen for Sunday cooking, and my bedroom while getting ready for girls’ nights out!) plus I love how it fits in with my décor – the signature Lulu Guinness style is super pretty.  

The new collection will be airing on QVC on the 19th of December, but I've got pre-sale access from 5pm on Friday the 16th for you to be one of the first to get your hands on one! It’s the kind of thing I’d love to receive as a gift or treat the house (my new excuse for spending on myself…) to! 

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7 December 2016


Welcome to me sharing the joys of oily skin. If you’re prone to an oil slick complexion like me, you’re going to know that it can be a complete pain in the ass… Imagine a world where your foundation hasn’t slid off your face by 12pm?!

Recently, I’ve got very stomp-y footed about oily skin problems. I’ve just about got my acne under control, but was still plagued with a T-Zone that hates me. Admittedly, I wasn’t being very good to my skin – there’s nothing like waking up with Saturday night’s makeup on to realise you’re a mess. Lol. While I do still have my blips, I have managed to force myself into some sort of routine, specifically targeting oily issues. Buying a few new products definitely helped – kind of like when you buy new gym clothes to motivate yourself into facing the cross trainer. Now I’ve got some new bits that I’m actually seeing results with I’m happy to spend an extra 10 minutes giving my skin a treat….
In general, I needed a cleanser in my life. Once I get into the habit with skincare, I love that squeaky clean feel. I use this after cleansing all my makeup off just to make sure my skin is completely bare… These days I don’t feel like just taking my makeup off is enough! I need something that's a proper wash, leaving my face feeling fresh. I’m not sure this has done too much to clear out my pores, but it definitely leaves my skin feeling super clean without being overly stripped of oil.

My favourite skincare product right now. The first time I used it a friend asked if I’d had botox as my skin looked so firm… Always up for something that’s going to give me a little lift! It does a great job of getting rid of oil without leaving my skin too tight and in general, I just think my skin looks perkier after using it. If you’re another level of oily like me, then it’s one to try.

I spoke about this one briefly in a recent post, but after using it on some more horror spots I’m completely sold. It does wonders for getting rid of redness and swelling – I’m one of those sickening Dr. Pimple Popper sorts that finds it impossible to leave blemishes alone. From the tiniest thing I can create a disaster, so I’m loving this product for calming things down. I’m a big fan of the fragrance too – I'm into anything clean and antiseptic-y smelling!

Proactiv Complexion Perfecting Hydrator
Proactiv+ is another thing I’ve spoken about previously, although it was a while back now. I actually still use all the products regularly, especially when I’m having a breakout. Even on good days though I still use their moisturiser… My oiliest of complexions needs hydrating! This one adds zero grease to my face, but makes it feel plump and refreshed. I also know it’s not going to antagonize any blemishes. It was a product I was gifted, but I'll definitely go and purchase this when I've used it up. 

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1 December 2016


Okay, underwear as outerwear is no new thing. It’s been around for a while and I’ve always been a fan… Some undie-style garments are just too nice to cover up! With Winter almost upon us though, no one’s expecting much of a bra flash. Instead, I’ve been starting to layer up with my favourite chunky jumpers.

The camisole style I’ve got on here is just right for me over winter – it’s lacy and pretty feminine, yet it’s something you can make really practical worn over a big knit. I picked up this one from H&M the other day as an inexpensive layering piece. It’s just something to liven up the chunky jumpers I’ll be wearing day in, day out until Spring! 

The jumper is another H&M purchase I got this autumn – you can never have too many roll necks. It’s probably a little too hefty for the silky number over the top, but I don’t mind that. I’ll be wearing this one when it’s extra cold, and a thinner turtle neck on less wintery days. 

So, for layering up in underwear as outerwear this season this is the sort of thing I’ll be going for – cute camisoles/silky crop tops over essential knits. Snuggly. 

Jumper - H&M / Camisole - H&M / Jeans - Topshop / Boots - & Other Stories

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