25 October 2016


Sometimes, I find talking about my outfits tricky. The thing is, I like pretty basic styles. I’m also mostly monochrome, and generally go for simple fits. There are no crazy new prints, bright shades or out-there embellishments. I guess when I started blogging there was more of that, but I’ve grown up with this blog and over time I’ve worked out my style. I think it’s just sussing out what’s really ‘you’ – I don’t like anything that makes me stand out too much, I’m happy to be glam but also just as happy casual, and I love the classic wardrobe staples. After all these years of buying my own clothes it’s about time I worked out what I actually like!  

I think the main thing for sussing out your style is giving yourself time. It took me years to finally look at my wardrobe and think this is ‘me’… Summing up yourself in a bunch of clothes is kind of difficult anyway. It’s not necessarily going to take that long, but I don’t think anyone works out their style overnight. If they did, I’d have been stuck in the slightly emo stage I was once mad for, probably wearing one of those black and white scarves. Lol. Noughties teens all went there. Aaaand, even though I’m happy with my style now, I know it’s going to probably alter and reshape itself over time. Unless I’m ever faithful to adidas Superstar trainers in my 40s. Time, being selective with outfits and working around your favourite basics are all my biggies for deciding where you’re at on the personal style front. 

What I’m wearing here is the typical thing I now go for. Basic black trousers, a soft knit and my favourite white trainers. I love this sort of thing… I feel like it’s pretty plain, but not completely boring with the trouser pleats and big sunglasses to stop it being too casual. This though, is where it comes back to finding outfit blogging tricky… Similar outfits, different day, you know?! I could probably rename the blog ’Different Ways to Wear Black Trousers’.

Sunglasses - Céline / Jumper - H&M / Trousers - New Look / Bag - ZARA / Trainers - adidas Superstar
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